Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dead Pop Stars by Mickey Apples

Dead Pop Stars by Mickey Apples (bassist deceased for Unlucky Fried Kitten)

1. The Book That Broke My Heart (for Kurt Cobain)
2. The Man With The Terracotta Eyes (for Syd Barrett)
3. I.C.U. (for Ian Curtis)
4. The Elvis Elevator (for Elvis Presley)
5. One Black Eye (for Ian Dury)
6, Hello Richie (for Richie Edwards)
7. All The Heroes (for Jimi Hendrix)
8. Shadows All Around Me (for Layne Staley)
9. Nancy Boy (for Sid Vicious)
10. Electric Fingers (for Jimi Hendrix)
11. Strummer Holiday (for Joe Strummer)
12. Stormy Waters (for Johnny Thunders)
13. Joey Is A Punk (for Joey Ramone)

The track-listing has been decided for the posthumous Mickey Apples album, Dead Pop Stars.

Mickey Apples was bass player for Indo-European Pop-Punk band, Unlucky Fried Kitten. When he left the band he released a solo E.P. called Black Sheep…and then he began work on his notorious album, Dead Pop Stars. Each of the 13 tracks pertained to a dead rock or pop musician.

(a brief history of Mickey Apples…from ReverbNation)

Andy and Kingsley relocated to London and placed an ad in the Melody Maker. They got three responses. One from a 55 year old golfer who played bass in a covers band doing Jim Reeves/Marty Robbins songs. Another from a leather rocker girl into Suzi Quatro and Mud. A third from Michael Shufflebotham who lived on a farm on the south coast. They chose Michael due to his unswerving natural ability on the fret board…(and cos they had a barn they could practice in for free:) Michael was the black sheep of the family…his two brothers followed their father into farming…not like Michael who chose the “wicked path of rock and roll” So, the basic line-up of UFK were out of the traps. In Andy’’s autobiography he explains how they changed Mickey’s name to the one we all know him by now…”Ah! He was funny in those days…we’d roll up at the barn with our amps and our crates of booze…and he’d pitch in with a box of apples! We just had to christen him “Mickey Apples”
Mickey continued the tradition on the UFK, Kitten On your Doorstep tour, insisting on a pallet of apples be loaded into the dressing room.
Mickey was a good bass player, but he constantly badgered Andy..trying to get UFK to play his songs, which were mostly atrocious! They argued a lot. In a fit of pique Mickey stormed out of a YMCA gig…on the “Perishing Robots” tour and he never played with UFK again.
He made a single, “Black Sheep”. It sank without a trace. His last roll of the dice was his mini-LP Dead Pop Stars…finalizing his place in low-rent pop punk history by astonishingly killing himself on the release date. In honour to Mr. Apples..we have created a shrine to him in
The Doll’s House where you can hear his “Black Sheep” song and his subsequent DPS songs.

Unlucky Fried Kitten ran into trouble with Russell Brand’s legal boys in 2006 when they called their album “RUSSELL BRAND IS A WANKER” Proving the theory that Russell Brand is a glutton at ridiculing other people but inept at accepting ridicule…they were forced to re-title the album. It is now called “STRATEGIES OF THE SUB-CLASS” Russell Brand is still a wanker.mickeyapplesguitar